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Integrating EHS in Everything We Do

It is our policy that safety of people and conservation of the environment must be integrated in the conduct of our operations. We are committed to a safe and healthy workplace that promotes a zero accident culture in which no one is harmed in association with our business. We are committed to be an environmentally conscious company that promotes development of clean energy production and storage with minimal adverse environmental effects.

Finally, we are committed to continuous improvement to identify and control risks so that our performance meets our high expectations. Therefore, relative to environment, health, and safety, ("EHS") issues, all organizations and individuals will:

  • Operate in compliance with or exceed all EHS governmental laws, regulations, ordinances, standards and permit requirements, and established Iberdrola policies and standards;
  • Ensure employees are involved in our EHS programs with appropriate training and communication to work responsibly, make decisions to carry out their duties, and to be accountable for the results;
  • Provide a structure that ensures effective EHS management throughout the business with risks, impacts, and legal requirements controlled through appropriate actions and governance;
  • Ensure that EHS goals and stretch targets are set, communicated to all employees, and performance monitored to promote continuous improvement;
  • Work to proactively prevent incidents, accidents, and environmental damage before these occur by sustainable actions and process improvements at all locations;
  • Promote the health and wellness of our employees by identifying and controlling workplace health risks, promoting work-life balance, and encouraging employees and their families to be proactive about their health through communication, activities, and the provision of robust health insurance.
  • Establish high expectations for contractor EHS requiring appropriate EHS programs, oversight, and regulatory compliance for all work associated with our operations ensuring leading performance;
  • Ensure that public safety, security of our people and assets, conservation, and environmental stewardship are fundamental to our operations;
  • Design, construct, and operate facilities in ways that minimize their negative EHS impacts, and maximize their positive EHS contribution, as available technology and conditions permit;
  • Play a leading role in the development of a renewable energy market through strategic relationships with industry, regulatory bodies, and other external stakeholders, with open communication that maintains their confidence in our commitment to EHS in our operations.

This policy commits the company to its core belief, which is integral to our business philosophy and success, that an excellent environmental, health, and safety culture amongst all employees will deliver superior performance that protects our employees, contractors, the public, and the environment.

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